What is driving digital transformation?

What is driving digital transformation?
11th November 2019

Organisations need to move faster if they are to survive in the changing digital landscape. Find out what’s driving digital transformation and how to stay ahead of the competition

34% of organisations have undergone digital transformation. Technological advancements have shifted customer expectations and has quickly becoming a key driver of digital transformation. Providing great customer experience (CX) has never been more important.

It’s time for businesses to step up and innovate, putting digital at the forefront of their long-term strategy.

Delivering personalised experiences across multiple touchpoints

Personalisation is a key driver of digital transformation and an expectation of modern customer experience.  This tactic is used by marketers to display relevant targeted content to website visitors to improve website leads and conversions.

2019 has seen the largest shift towards adapting business operations to provide the ultimate CX. 76% of consumers expect organisations to understand their needs and expectations. Remarketing tactics are a great way to demonstrate this, by displaying personalised ad content to prospective customers. This tactic can transform an organisation’s digital strategy by attracting 98% of users back for a second website visit.

Artificial intelligence continues to drive digital transformation

Big data and machine learning are often hot topics, but how does Artificial Intelligence (AI) impact digital transformation? AI is a driving force behind modern business innovation and is pinnacle to what is driving digital transformation.

AI can now act as a catalyst in driving insights into how customers behave and provide a personalised service. A huge benefit to businesses is the power behind AI and its ability to analyse data so much faster than a human. This empowers organisations to streamline digital processes and transform anything from business operations to customer experience. Not only does AI provide a service at a rapid speed, it can help scale and make informed decisions making way for the ultimate digital experience.

With AI having the ability to analyse a consumer’s behaviour and search patterns, businesses can now understand their customers on a deeper level, giving them the ability to predict their next move. Marketers can often harness these capabilities from enterprise-level website experience platforms, like Sitecore which uses a feature called, Sitecore Cortex to help drive sophisticated digital experiences.

AI and the impact on chatbots

Increasingly, organisations are adopting the of use of chatbots, once a frustrating experience and often a comical process. Now, AI is allowing a chatbot to provide a dialogue that gives a human approach. Chatbots are reported to speed up website conversion rates and improve the quality of leads. This is likely because they provide quick answers to the questions that visitors have and have refined the needs of the customer before qualifying them for a sale.

Chatbots with AI can now:

  • Answers FAQ’s
  • Understand unique queries
  • Provide personalised responses
  • Learn from past conversations, and
  • Improve future conversations

Chatbots are heavily influencing the rise of visual assistants, like Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant. A customer now demands 24-hour service, 7 days a week and AI can provide this through chatbots.

With innovative technology constantly on the move, organisations are becoming more comfortable with the idea of integrating chatbots into their digital strategy. This approach improves efficiency and customer satisfaction.

The expansion of blockchain technology

Telecoms and financial sectors are the most advanced when it comes to utilising blockchain. Many businesses are beginning to recognise the impact of the technology and the ability to drive digital transformation.

Blockchain allows vital information to be stored, allowing for organisations to track transactions into dates, time and amount spent. Vital information like this can provide the platform to obtain the information to provide the personalised CX.

Implementing blockchain into your organisation’s strategy provides benefits across the board:

  • Settlements/payments
  • Smart contracts
  • Supply chain/tracking
  • Internet of things (IoT projects)
  • Identity management
  • Data management
  • Health care

Such application increases security, reduces cost, decrease transaction time and increase transparency, all whilst eliminating the need for a trusted third-party.

Maintaining security needs to be top priority

Many organisations hold back from the applications that allow you to create a unique customer experience. Maintaining security is a top business priority. Ensuring procedures are in place to prevent breaches, whilst placing data at the edge of their networks is vital.

It’s evident that cyber security needs to be a high priority when delivering a digital transformation. Below are some key factors to consider, to maintain cyber security:

  • Integrate security systems allowing to improve visibility and managing potential threats
  • The use of applications that allow to build in security
  • Automating cyber security that continuously monitor and predict potential threats
  • Training staff and bridging the skills gap to counteract the potential threat.

Ensuring that you partner with an experienced digital agency can help reduce risk of security breaches from the early stages of a website build.

How can Sitecore help with a digital transformation?

Sitecore is one of the most powerful platforms in the world, gaining leader recognition in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for the past 10 years. Sitecore has an extensive portfolio of features that make the experience platform the preferred choice industry-wide. Sitecore marketing tools help organisations to better understand their customers on a deeper level and tailor their marketing to create a better user experience.

Sitecore is best suited to digitally ambitious organisations that need a platform that can scale and support their business as it grows. Each version update offers new innovative tools and solutions to help deliver your organisation’s digital transformation journey.

Find out more about how Sitecore 9.1 and Sitecore 9.2 can benefit your organisation.

What is driving digital transformation for your organisation?

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