Why use Sitecore?

11th August 2017

7 reasons enterprise businesses should use the Sitecore customer experience platform

For enterprise-level businesses, it can be hard to choose the right website content management (WCM) platform. So, why use Sitecore as an enterprise business? Well, you’ll no-doubt have complexities and a scale of work that smaller WCM platforms just can’t handle.

While Sitecore (and its closest competitors) may be a larger initial investment, so is your potential return. We’ve put together this list of seven key benefits Sitecore offers to enterprise businesses:

1. Get the reassurance of investing in a top-rated platform

The Gartner Magic Quadrant for Web Content Management is an independent, annual report that evaluates and ranks the most popular WCM systems. Gartner aims to provide unbiased insight into the performance and value of each platform, helping enterprise business choose the right product for them.

In its 2017 report, Gartner only named 7 of the 18 vendors as ‘Leaders’. Sitecore has been placed in the ‘Leaders’ quadrant for eight years in a row, trumping Adobe with its superior ability to ‘sell and support its products and services globally’.

Gartner’s praise for Sitecore reflects the platform’s ongoing commitment improving customer experiences and helping businesses see ROI. For enterprise businesses, the report’s a great indication of Sitecore’s validity as a top WCM platform.

2. Don’t just store data, use it to power your digital strategy

Say goodbye to useless silos of data with Sitecore Experience Profiles. Within Sitecore Experience Database (xDB), you can collect and store information on each customer, including past and real-time data about the devices they use, their region and interactions.

All of this data is collected into an individual Experience Profile, giving marketers a single view of every customer. Sitecore interprets and prioritises this data, based on rules and personas you’ve set. This helps you to classify prospects and customers, to deliver content in context to their needs.

Sitecore Analytics helps you collect in-depth customer data, track user journeys and set up rules for personalisation and automation. It pulls together data from interactions across channels to help you optimise your online customer experience offering.

3. Crush your competition with better customer engagement

Sitecore focuses on delivery across three key areas: a robust enterprise-level WCM, customer intelligence and cross-channel delivery. This focus on the entire customer engagement lifecycle helps you manage lots of high-quality content, personalise and automate interactions to deliver contextually-relevant messages. 

The data you’ve collected about your users’ devices, location and interactions with your brand means you can set up personalisation rules to deliver targeted messages. For example, when Sitecore recognises a user’s location, it can automatically show them events near them. Or, show them promotions on previously viewed products.

This type of customer engagement is extremely valuable, increasing conversion rates and brand perception. It also saves your marketing team precious time and resources.

4. Maximise your investment in third-party systems with easy integration

Even if you haven’t invested in an enterprise level content management system, you’ve probably started using other digital systems. You might rely on a customer relations manager (CRM) like Microsoft Dynamics, an email marketing system or ecommerce system for essential business processes. Just because Sitecore comes with integrated systems, doesn’t mean you have to abandon the software you already use.

Sitecore’s architecture is built for easy integration with other systems, whether they’re built by Sitecore or not. A collection of standalone systems can be tricky to keep track of and time-consuming to manage. Plus, if these systems don’t connect, you’ll miss out on valuable customer data that can be used to influence your website content and marketing messages.  Integrating your systems into a single solution allows Sitecore to deliver a consistent experience across channels and streamline internal processes.

5. Proven technology that’s future-proof with well-defined roadmap

Because it’s been built on Microsoft’s .NET framework, Sitecore’s extremely reliable and stable. Plus, Sitecore is extremely flexible. It’s worldwide community of developers are constantly finding ways to extend the platform with additional modules and fixes, meaning there’s plenty of support.

For enterprise businesses, it’s not always about the flashiest technology. It’s far more important to build your digital solution that’s tailored to your specific business needs.

The platform continues to develop and evolve, in line with new technologies and market demands. Sitecore has a clearly defined product roadmap, giving enterprise customers the reassurance of a future proof investment.

6. Scalability that’s unique to your business needs, size and budget

Sitecore has been built for high performance and unlimited scalability. The platform’s horizontal scaling method means that you’re not limited by server space. Additional server installations can be added as your business grows. This is particularly useful for enterprise business who have (or plan to have) lots of content, multi-national sites, sites for their subsidiary companies.

Since the release of Sitecore 8.2, the platform’s licencing model has become even more flexible. So, you only pay for what you need, with the option to add server installations, increase your number of users, or capabilities (such as marketing tools and Analytics) as you grow.

7. Empower marketers to manage your solution, without additional development

Sitecore has a simple, code-free interface that’s object-based. Once you have a bank of modules and content objects, they can be reused across your site (or sites). So, all your blogs, promotional panels and product pages can be managed by marketers, rather than developers. The Page Editor also lets you optimise your content for different mobile devices and screen sizes.

Your Sitecore partner can deliver a solution with all the content objects you need to build new pages, optimise for SEO, add lead generation forms, CTA panels and blog posts without developers.

And there’s user training available if you need a little extra help. At Kagool, we offer Sitecore training that’s bespoke to your Sitecore solution. Giving you the power to manage your Sitecore solution without more development costs.

See what Sitecore can do for you

We work with a number of enterprise-level customers who use Sitecore to power their digital business strategy, including the Formica GroupBurges Salmon and Saint Gobain. Our customers span across various sectors and engage with customers on a global scale.

We’re one of a select few Sitecore Platinum Partners Plus, we’ve won a massive seven Sitecore Experience Awards over the past four years. And we were the only UK partner to win awards for two separate projects at the Sitecore Experience Awards 2016.

If you want to know more about how we use the Sitecore customer experience platform to power successful websites, let us give you a free Sitecore demo. If you’re an existing Sitecore user, talk to us about a Sitecore audit and find out how you can get more from Sitecore.