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How we transformed Nelsons’ global websites to increase engagement by almost 200%


Nelsons is a leading global healthcare manufacturer that has influenced generations aspiring to live healthier, happier lives for over 100 years. Nelsons natural healthcare product portfolio includes ranges for, RESCUE® range, Bach™ Original Flower Remedies, Spatone®, Nelsons Arnicare®, Nelsons Teetha®, Nelsons® creams and Nelsons® homeopathic ClikPak®.

Nelsons is an award-winning family-owned business that sells their brands across 60 countries worldwide and puts high quality standards and customer service at the centre of their business.

The Challenge

Nelsons wanted to create exceptional user experiences for their multinational audiences that would drive awareness of their mission to inspire people to live healthier, happier lives. They knew their customer base were actively searching online for information about their health and well-being and that they had the right content to show them but needed a solution that would make this easy to find and navigate.

The business objectives for this project were:

  • To build an engaging website template that encompasses Nelsons’ brand
  • Improve user experience for Nelsons’ team for content, workflows and multi-lingual governance
  • Improve the navigation and user experience across all territories
  • Optimise the website to build visibility and drive traffic

    The Approach


    Using our refined discovery (pre-build) process, we worked with Nelsons to identify their business goals, objectives and KPIs. After completing a thorough analysis of their audiences, user journeys and user tasks we were able to find out what needed to be prioritised and aligned with their business aims. From this process Nelsons were able to form a strategy that would drive the design and rebuild on Sitecore 9.

    To measure project success, the following KPI’s were set:

    • Lower bounce rate
    • Increase click through rate to retailers
    • Increase in website visits
    • Increase new users


    Nelsons wanted an engaging and professional global website that would reflect their brand values across all of their markets. We approached the build by implementing best practice coding standards and optimising the site for mobile to increase online visibility and SEO results. This would aid organic traffic volumes and make Nelsons’ content accessible for their customers.

    The Sitecore upgrade would give Nelsons access to add different language variations for better engagement across their global territories. It would also well as marketing tools such as Sitecore personalisation and Sitecore analytics to make sure the most relevant content was being shown to their website visitors. This would drive conversions and help them to reach their goals.

    Summary and next steps

    The new websites have been a great success, enabling Nelsons to generate engaging global content with ease. The multi-lingual, mobile first sites have been instrumental in positioning Nelsons as an innovative organisation whilst delivering quality content and user experiences to their global audiences.

    Moving forward, they have no plans to slow down on their evolving digital transformation and are keen to fully utilise the latest features of Sitecore to continue improving their customer experience strategy.