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Spaceslide Sitecore SEO

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Spaceslide Sitecore SEO

Spaceslide is the UK’s market-leading manufacturer of sliding wardrobe doors. B&Q and Screwfix are just some of the well-known retailers on their supply list. Spaceslide plays a crucial role in the home improvement market. Their acclaimed sliding wardrobe doors have been featured on national DIY and home improvement shows. Spaceslide is part of an international group which manufactures over 400,000 doors across Europe, China, Australia and the USA.


A 58% increase in organic search visibility
35 new keywords in the top 3 ranking positions within Google
Website visited by over 50,000 users in less than 12 months
A 74% increase in sales and 45% increase profits.

The Challenge

Spaceslide’s previous website design struggled to achieve great Google rankings and conversion

Technical issues, including an outdated version of Sitecore, created a massive disadvantage as far as Sitecore SEO and conversion was concerned.

To add to this, the website’s on-page content wasn’t specifically relevant to the thousands of search terms used by prospective customers within Google

There was little off-page SEO strategy so the organisation’s domain authority trailed behind its competitors, and often lost out in the competition for space at the top of Google Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS)

The Approach

Putting Spaceslide’s content centre-stage using a trilogy of development, SEO and content strategy.

Following our initial audit of Spaceslide’s sliding doors website and digital presence, we outlined a strategy to deliver positive, measurable SEO results. The strategy was split into three different areas: development, off-site and content.

Building a search-engine-friendly Sitecore structure

The first job was to delve into the website’s infrastructure and bring Spaceslide’s Sitecore version up-to-date. From there, we moved onto other key development tasks, such as re-building the blog, optimising HTML and integrating advanced Sitecore features, such as personalisation for use in future campaigns.

The SEO improvements made were geared towards both creating a search-engine-friendly foundation, whilst future-proofing and laying out frameworks for the following content creation and strategy.

Establishing SEO best practice

Our analysis using specialist SEO software, brought us significant insights into Spaceslide’s link profile. Low domain authority and irrelevant backlinks were having detrimental effects on organic rankings. Through a cleansing process, we removed all poor-quality external links pointing towards Spaceslide’s website, reversing any negative effects associated with it. Schema mark-up was then implemented, which helped to connect searching users with Spaceslide’s relevant showrooms and concession stores across the UK. We then expanded the Sitemap to include areas of the website not previously crawled. These pages, which were now available to search engines, were optimised with long-tail keywords to help generate more inbound organic traffic for customers close to the point of conversion.

Creating an engaging, ongoing content strategy

With the development and SEO fundamentals in place, work could now begin bringing in our content strategy to continually build on Spaceslide’s new, strong base. An in-depth strategy was created, which made sure that industry-relevant content was on-hand and ready-to-go each month, week and day. This was made successful by paying attention to spikes in activity, analysis and sales calendars. Existing content was optimised for new targeted keywords, and amplification of content was then executed across relevant social media channels.

Kagool’s approach of combining technical Sitecore expertise with an effective, results-driven SEO strategy, made them the right digital marketing partner for us. Beyond that, Kagool’s proactive, transparent way of working meant that we could gain constant insight into ongoing SEO work.

Will Gough

Commercial Manager, Spaceslide

35 new keywords now rank in the top three positions within

Spaceslide has increased its organic traffic, sales and revenue.

We provide Spaceslide with ongoing SEO and content strategy, including technical implementation, on-page content creation and off-page outreach and link-building. This ensures that all SEO gains made are maximised, digital performance is maintained and results are consistent.

How Kagool can help you with Sitecore search marketing

We only work with Sitecore, so our services are expertly designed for the platform. Our team of digital strategists and search marketers can help you with SEO, paid search (PPC), conversion rate optimisation (CRO) and content strategy. Get in touch and find out how we can make sure you get the most from your investment in Sitecore

Kagool’s willingness to share knowledge with our internal team and maintain great communication is ultimately what drove the results and made the campaign a success

Will Gough

Commercial Manager, Spaceslide