User experience design

More than wireframes and user journeys, Experience Design takes a human centred approach to solving real problems for real people. The result? A measurable difference to your business, and your customers.

The foundation of human centred design is in creating experiences for users that they find real value in. Effortless tasks and memorable moments will engage customers, build brand equity, and draw them back for more. It takes understanding and empathy, and we can help give you the insight to make the best decisions.

User insight

We start with your users; understanding who they are and what drives them. Our aim is to find the overlap between their needs and the objectives of your business to give the sweet spot of experience. If they can believe in your brand story, and see it in their experience, users will turn into loyal customers.

We examine their customer journey before, during, and after their engagement. Identifying the needs, the journeys they take through your site, and the points of friction along the way. Analytics and data can tell half the story, while speaking to your users and watching their experiences will tell you significantly more.

This knowledge can reveal any number of opportunities which our designers can concept and test, and our product owners can measure and turn into a return on investment.

user experience design - user insight


To bring an experience to life, you need to feel it, see how things work and understand the journey for yourself. Context is everything so an interactive prototype can show you how your website will feel in a quick and agile way.

There’s no single perfect tool, so we use what is right for the job at hand. Whether it’s the rapid, high fidelity prototyping of Sketch, the micro-interactions of Flinto, or the technical functions and states of Axure, we can ensure the concept is right.

This means a clearer understanding for stakeholders, quick refinement of the design and structure, and an easy path to user testing.

Experience strategy

Digital experience can never be perfect; technology evolves, and customer expectations grow day by day. Only the most agile and proactive businesses will stand out from the crowd.

Once your website is live, we can develop a long term strategy of continuous measurement and refinement, exploring features and enhancements based on user behaviour and analytics. These can feed into research and testing activities to help you make decisions with the most impact to your users and your business.

user experience design - experience strategy