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Google analytics for Sitecore

Our Sitecore customers are often surprised to hear us singing Google Analytics’ praises. But we’ve never felt it had to be one or the other. Sitecore Analytics and Google Analytics work great side-by-side.

As Sitecore experts, we have plenty of experience helping our clients use Google Analytics for Sitecore. Google Analytics offers great insight into your headline metrics such as site visitors, sessions, bounce rate, audience breakdown and acquisition. Not to mention, on-going analysis of your organic and paid search rankings.

How we help you get the most from Google Analytics and Sitecore

Google Analytics has a number of advantages to marketers. Firstly, it’s free, easy to set up and easy to use. It’s also easy to integrate with other Google products, like AdWords, and third party systems such as your CRM. So, you’ll get a single view of who your audience is, where they come from and what they search for before they convert.

So, why choose Kagool?

What we’ll do for your business

As with any of our digital marketing services, we’ll start by meeting with you to understand your business objectives. We’ll work with you to discover how these translate into a digital strategy. We won’t waste time reporting on generic analytics. With your specific goals in mind, we’ll deliver monthly Google Analytics reports and actionable insights to help you increase conversion.

Sitecore DMS

Sitecore’s Digital Marketing System (DMS) is without a doubt one of the platform’s biggest selling points. Sitecore’s built-in marketing tools have been rebranded several times. More recently, you might hear it referred to as the “Sitecore Experience Platform”. But within the Sitecore community, the term “DMS” has stuck.

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Sitecore CMS

If you’re completely new to the platform, understanding Sitecore as a Content Management System (CMS) is a good place to start. We’ll help you get to grips with the platform and its features. So, you can decide what you want to get out of Sitecore and how it will help your business.