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PPC with Sitecore

Pay-per-click (PPC) marketing with Sitecore is a simple way of driving traffic to your site. Used hand in hand with SEO, PPC can help you increase conversion in a shorter space of time.

Integrated PPC campaign management for quick wins

What’s great about Sitecore is its ability to track interactions between you and the user, no matter what channel they engage from. It can be set-up to recognise users coming from a PPC advertisement as part of a particular campaign. Making it easier for you to track the success of any marketing campaigns, prove ROI and make improvements.

Our Sitecore PPC campaign for Together

We’ve worked with Together to deliver a targeted PPC marketing campaign. The campaign around ‘Right to Buy mortgages’ used both SEO and PPC to generate immediate enquiries with a limited budget. It’s a great example of using a targeted PPC campaign to offset low rankings for organic traffic.

To ensure ROI we kept things simple and concentrated on the fundamentals. Targeted PPC ads brought visitors to newly created ‘Right to Buy’ landing pages. These pages had been optimised for relevant keywords, using SEO best practice, and had clear calls to action. Throughout the campaign, we optimised our ads and adjusted our bid strategy to get the best results from the budget.

The campaign’s been highly successful, delivering results in a competitive market. We’ve exceeded the objectives set at the beginning of the campaign. And most importantly, we’ve delivered a very impressive ROI of 4478% for the client (based on the number of mortgage sales so far and their projected revenue over 25-years).

How we help you get results from PPC with Sitecore?

We deliver end-to-end PPC Sitecore campaign management that covers every step of the customer journey, including:

  • Competitor research to benchmark your market position
  • Identifying and targeting the right keywords to increase reach
  • Writing high quality ads to drive traffic
  • Creating effective landing pages to maximise conversion

These elements together create a connected PPC campaign which delivers measurable results.