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Sitecore CRO

Conversion rate optimisation (CRO) is a strategy for increasing the amount of website users that convert into customers. This doesn’t just mean making purchases. Depending on your business’ specific goals, this could be membership or newsletter sign-up, enquiring about a service or downloading a resource.

Increasing conversion with integrated Sitecore tools

When a user completes an action that contributes to business goals, it’s known as ‘conversion’. Your ‘conversion rate’ is the percentage of users who convert, versus your overall traffic. To optimise your conversion rate simply means improving your methods of encouraging users to become customers.

Why choose Kagool’s Sitecore CRO services?

Conversion rates are a key metric in Sitecore digital marketing. And they’re a good way of measuring the effectiveness of your campaigns, page elements and calls to action. Your website may already drive plenty of traffic through SEOPPC or social media marketing. But, unfortunately, your hard work (and budget) is a waste if your visitors never convert into customers.

Our Sitecore CRO service is structured to leverage the best Sitecore has to offer. As a Sitecore Platinum Partner, we have the skills and expertise to make sure that every part of your Sitecore implementation benefits conversion rates. We’ll not only tell you what’s stopping users from converting, but help to implement content, layouts and personalisation that will boost conversion. As well as setting up tests and reporting on how effective these changes are. So your conversion rates continue to rise.

How do we deliver results with Sitecore CRO?

No two businesses are the same, and neither are their business goals. We start by analysing your existing conversion rate. We find out what you’re already doing and your specific conversion goals. So we have a clear idea what success will look like.

For us, Sitecore CRO is an integral part of our performance, search and Sitecore optimisation services. Everything that we do is, ultimately, for the benefit of your website’s conversion rate. So Sitecore CRO is integrated into all our services; from content creation and Sitecore A/B testing, to email marketing and Sitecore personalisation.

We work with you to optimise elements of your Sitecore website that are most likely to drive conversion rates.