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Social Media with Sitecore

The importance of social media in digital marketing is undeniable. More and more, consumers are interacting with brands through social channels. If you don’t have a strategic social media presence, the impact to your brand could be harmful.

Connecting social media with Sitecore for a successful digital strategy

A connected social media strategy that reflects your brand culture has great potential. Having the right social media channels for your audience can improve brand perception. Plus, social media allows you to interact quicker and easier, generating quality leads and increasing conversion.

In terms of SEO, links to your website on social networks give authority to your website that search engines can identify.

Why use social media with Sitecore?

Sitecore Social Connect is a module that’s available free with certain Sitecore licences. Social Connect is a service layer, or API, which allows you to connect your website to social channels. Social media Sitecore works well with includes: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+.

These connections make it possible to:

  • Enable social sign-in to your website, making it more appealing for users to create an account/engage
  • Capture customer data from social profiles into the Sitecore Experience Database for greater customer insight
  • Publish content to social media channels from within Sitecore, saving marketers valuable time

How we help you use social media with Sitecore

At Kagool, we’re known for our expertise with Sitecore integration. Our skilled developers can integrate modules which will help connect your solution with social channels. We can tailor this to your business needs and your individual solution. And we’ll make sure you’re getting the benefit of these engagements and capturing quality customer data.