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Sitecore health check

With every new version, Sitecore continues to improve its digital marketing offering and user experience. But it’s still important to have an experienced digital partner who can help you get these features up and running

Find out if your Sitecore website needs a Health-check

If your solution isn’t implemented following best practice, you’re likely to experience issues with these valuable features. Our Sitecore health check takes a closer look at how your solution is performing and the customer experience you’re offering.

We’ll not only check that everything’s working properly, but that you’re seeing real ROI from Sitecore. So, if you’re having trouble reaching business goals, we can help.

Common reasons for a Sitecore health check

There are a lot of reasons your Sitecore solution might need a health check. Some of the most common tell-tale signs involve Sitecore customers who’re unable to use valuable digital marketing and analytics features, such as:

  • Sitecore personalisation
  • Marketing automation
  • Sitecore Analytics
  • Email and social media marketing
  • Device detection
  • SEO

When these features don’t work, you miss out on valuable opportunities to engage with customers and increase conversion.

What can a Sitecore health check do for your business?

You probably chose Sitecore because of its usability and built-in digital marketing features. But if your previous website project didn’t go to plan, you might find that these tools are unusable. Which means you’re not getting the full value out of Sitecore.

Unlike some agencies, who offer generic website health checks, we only work with Sitecore. We’ll give you a health check that’s specific to Sitecore solutions. We have a track record for taking on troublesome solutions and optimising them to offer better experiences for the client, users and their customers.

You’ve made the right choice with the Sitecore customer experience platform, now it’s time to choose the right digital partner. And you can’t get better than a Sitecore Platinum Partner.