Sitecore Support

Sitecore training

Sitecore is a powerful piece of software. When you’ve launched your new website you’ll want to get the most out of the portfolio of tools and features you’ve invested in. We provide Sitecore training to help users squeeze maximum value from the product.

Empower your team with bespoke Sitecore training

How your organisation uses the software is pivotal in reaping Sitecore’s benefits. Kagool tailors Sitecore training sessions to real-life environments for your team. We design the training to your website and business’ requirements to ensure all information is relevant and adds value.

Who is Sitecore training for?

We provide Sitecore training for:

  • Marketers
  • Business users
  • Developers

Our training is about helping clients get the most value out of their website. Topics we can focus on include:

Why choose Kagool for Sitecore training?

Unlike many Sitecore partners, we have fully accredited Sitecore staff at Kagool. As a Sitecore Platinum Partner we invest in Sitecore certification for all of staff, not just the marketing and development teams.  That coupled with more Sitecore MVP’s than any other UK agency, clients can rest assured that we have the experience and expertise to deliver premium level training and support their organisation’s needs.

Get in touch to book your training and discuss your support requirements or visit our Sitecore training Q and A page to where our Head of Customer Engagement answers some frequently asked questions.