Sitecore explained

Sitecore DMS


Sitecore’s Digital Marketing System (DMS) is without a doubt one of the platform’s biggest selling points. Sitecore’s built-in marketing tools have been rebranded several times. More recently, you might hear it referred to as the “Sitecore Experience Platform”. But within the Sitecore community, the term “DMS” has stuck.

With each new update, Sitecore continues to improve its digital marketing and customer experience offering. Taking it from a simple CMS, to a fully featured customer experience platform. If you’re already on the platform, DMS is likely the reason you chose Sitecore.

How Kagool help you get the most from Sitecore with DMS

We’re often approached by businesses looking for advice and support on making the most of Sitecore DMS. They will have worked with another Sitecore partner to develop their website. But they later find that not much more has been delivered.

We’ve audited a huge number of enterprise websites. And, in our experience, poor implementation that hasn’t followed Sitecore best practice, is the main reason for problems with DMS.

So, if you’re on Sitecore but you’re can’t use all the features DMS has to offer, we can help. We’ll give you with a detailed Sitecore audit to find out if you’re getting the most out of your investment in Sitecore.

If you’re not on Sitecore and your current platform isn’t giving you full control over your customer experience offering, let us give you a free Sitecore demo. We can help you create a complete digital strategy to reach your unique business goals.

Benefits of Sitecore DMS

Sitecore DMS provides businesses with a heap of benefits around improving the overall customer experience, including:

  • Track and store key customer data – from their location and device, to previous searches and purchases, Sitecore keeps all past and present data in one place. With built-in features like device detection and Geo IP lookup, you can offer the most relevant and engaging experiences.
  • Improve customer interactions across channels – with the data stored in their Customer Experience Profile, Sitecore keeps the conversation going when customers arrive from an email or twitter campaign link. And when they switch from one device to another.
  • Test content for the best results – Sitecore A/B testing and multivariate testing can be set up directly from the Page Editor, making it easy for marketers to optimise and test content across the site.
  • “Hands-free” personalisation – using rules-based targeting, Sitecore will automate marketing personalisation in real time. When Sitecore identifies visitors, who fit certain rules, it will respond with specific personalisation to lead them towards conversion.