Sitecore marketing automation

Sitecore marketing automation builds off of Sitecore personalisation features in DMS. Marketing automation systems use customer data like location, device and previous visits or purchases to influence the user's journey along the purchase path. These systems are set up to organise and fulfil tasks in line with your marketing aims, taking the hard work out of personalisation.

Sitecore can use historic and real-time user data, along with pre-determined personalisation features. It will deliver targeted content based on how a user interacts with your site, where they are, what device they use or whether they’ve visited before. This can also be applied to your other integrated channels, to send personalised emails or tweets.

Why you need Sitecore marketing automation

When it’s set-up correctly, Sitecore marketing automation can help to enhance the entire customer experience. Leading to a number of benefits for your business:

  • Capture quality leads, who are closer to conversion
  • Save time and resources spent on marketing personalisation
  • Increase customer retention
  • Increase up selling and cross selling
  • Track responses and conversions to improve campaigns
  • Increased productivity from streamlining marketing tasks

How can Kagool help you get the best from Sitecore marketing automation?

We have a lot of experience helping businesses use Sitecore personalisation features to improve customer experiences. But to really get the most from your investment, these things should happen automatically. With a Sitecore audit from us, we can make sure your solution is built to best practice and allows you to use Sitecore marketing automation features.

As part of our wider services, we can help you create a more connected digital strategy. So before we tackle marketing automation, we’ll make sure your website is generating traffic through SEO-friendly content. We’ll then set up marketing automation so you can generate leads from that traffic and convert those leads into customers.