Sitecore personalisation

Sitecore A B testing


In Sitecore A/B testing only one variable is changed. But, Sitecore multivariate testing lets you change a number of variables on the same page, at the same time. The goal being to determine which combination of elements performs the best.

Sitecore sends visitors to one version of the page at random and measures the users’ engagement with the site (the videos they watch, buttons they click, whether or not they sign up for a newsletter). From this data, you can decide which version of the page is most effective for reaching business goals.

Why should you use Sitecore A/B testing?

Sitecore A/B testing is great for those times where you can’t quite agree on the best creative execution for headlines, ads or cross promotional panels. Simple in concept and design, A/B testing is a powerful and widely used testing method. Keeping the number of tracked variables small means these tests don’t need a large amount of traffic to run. So, you can get results quicker.

A/B testing is also a good way to introduce the concept of optimisation through testing to a sceptical team. It can quickly and measurably demonstrate the impact of a simple design change.

Both A/B and multivariate testing are very simple to set up straight from the page editor. You can test each component individually. And there are no limits on the number of tests you can run at once.

How we use Sitecore A/B testing to improve engagement

On our own site, we ran Sitecore A/B testing for different homepage banners. Using the built-in tools within Sitecore, we saw impressive results:

  • Bounce rate, down 65%
  • Average session duration, up 80%
  • Number of page views per session, up 15%

With a simple change, we were able to get more users to stay on the site, for longer periods of time. As a result, they went on to view more pages.

We use Sitecore A/B testing to help you explore opportunities for increased engagement. By questioning design aspects, we can continually adapt your website to suit users’ preferences. And so, increase conversion.