Sitecore personalisation

Sitecore analytics

Part of what makes Sitecore a world leading customer experience platform is the built-in analytics. Sitecore analytics helps you understand your customers and the way they interact with your brand. You can measure an individual customers level of engagement across whatever device they’re using. Plus, you can use the data collected to automate and personalise content in real time.

Sitecore analytics lets you track a number of key metrics such as visitors, conversion, keywords and user journeys. See the pages your users are visiting and track emails they’ve responded to. All of which will help you see trends in customer interactions and improve your website’s customer experience.

Why use Sitecore analytics?

Sitecore analytics boast a number of advantages to digital marketers. Firstly, it’s free with a Sitecore license. So, there’s no shelling out on extra expenses. Plus, it’s built right into the Sitecore platform, giving you real time analytics and connected systems.

Sitecore analytics works in conjunction with other the Sitecore marketing tools, particularly the Sitecore AIDA framework:

  • Analysis – Using goal tracking, Experience analytics and path analysis to learn which campaigns or channels are under-performing and see how visitors navigate your site.
  • Insights – Sitecore builds a detailed profile for each individual that engages with your brand. You’ll know the emails they’ve responded to, which of your sites and pages they’ve visited and even any social mentions
  • Decisions – predictive marketing, customer segmentation, personalisation and content testing let you decide the best experiences for your customers
  • Automation – Real time analytics can automate your conversations with customers across any channel

How can Kagool help you make the most of Sitecore analytics?

We may be Sitecore evangelists, but that doesn’t mean we’re afraid to use other systems that work well with the platform. Google analytics is well known to marketers and many think you can’t use the two. But we think Google analytics and Sitecore analytics work great side-by side.

Sitecore is excellent for tracking individual user journeys in real-time and over the span of the relationship. While Google is great for evaluating the more general marketing metrics, included analysis of paid search and SEO. We’ll help you to get the best from both tools to improve your digital strategy and increase conversion.