Staff Spotlight

Staff Spotlight

Meet Lee, a support desk analyst. He's written some lovely words about his role at Kagool and how he works with clients to keep their business running smoothly.

Until I joined the guys at Kagool hand on heart, I don’t think I’ve had a flawless month in a new job for one reason or another. But the induction into the Kagool family was different.

The stars seemed to align with this role, combining existing skillsets in client-facing/support skills along with incorporating front end development going forward and being back in digital agency environment completely checked all the boxes for me.

From day one, well, even during the interview process, I felt like I could resonate with the company ethos and bring something to the table in terms of ability and personality wise and although I’ve yet to fully break through the shyness barrier, it hasn’t taken me long to feel comfortable with my colleagues. Everyone has been awesome and supportive, which is so refreshing as in previous companies, people may as well just be numbers, but I immediately feel like a part of the family and coming to work in the morning isn’t a chore anymore.

Your first day in the Kagool family is a nice mixture between the company induction and getting to know your new colleagues. Everyone is a friendly face and it won’t take you long to find something in common with just about everyone. You’ll learn more about the company values and how Kagool works but with teams based in Manchester and the recently opened London office, once your induction is completed in Cardiff, why not get to know your new colleagues in both offices!

The opportunity to integrate my development background into my support role is something that’ll make so happy going forward and seeing how the team works with tech, I’ve got a lot to get caught up on but it’s certainly a challenge that I can’t wait to take on. I’m very thankful for being a part of something so awesome.